Innocent smoothies

by Saskia


I’ve always been a sucker for cute packaging and good tasting smoothies. Lucky for me, Innocent smoothies has both. Our paths crossed a couple of years ago when I was on a holiday in Scotland with my dad and my sister and I wanted something else than Coca Cola or tea. In the supermarket while looking for something juicy, my eyes caught the cute Innocent smoothie packaging. We brought it home and it was DE-LI-CIOUS! The rest of the holiday I stuck by Innocent and tried most of their flavours. Back in the Netherlands, it was even more expensive than it was in the U.K. and I have to admit – I had a bit of a smoothie-overload. I didn’t have any until I started my study in Eindhoven and had to travel by train every day. Because what I saw when I walked into a little food shop at the station, thirsty like no other: Innocent smoothies in little bottles! I’m not buying them every day because well, they’re just a bit expensive and I just buy them when there’s something special like passing a test, just to treat myself.

But this month, the bottles were the special reason I bought 3 in a week. 3 in 3 days, to be exact. And I’m not denying my collection might grow over the next few weeks…


How incredibly cute are these little hats? The last few months (I think) everyone could knit little hats and send them over to Innocent Headquarters, which would put them on their little bottles. For every Innocent bottle with hat sold, they donate a part of the money to a good cause, which I believe is different in every country.

That is not the end of my addiction to Innocent. I have a recipe book as well, which is the cutest since forever. The lay-out is super cute and there are random articles in between the recipes. My version is in Dutch, but the original is in English.

boek1kopieThe front cover – a recipe on one page and very pretty photos on the other

boekkopieWhat fruits go in the blender – Workout while you’re waiting for your smoothie

Besides all the pretty-ness of their products, they also taste really good and are 100% natural. So, big yay for Innocent!