Bikini Season

by Nina de Haan

You wouldn’t think so with Winter still dropping snow flakes on the earth, but, ladies and gentlemen, we are slowly approaching Spring, and Summer even. Are you already in the mood? I can’t wait for it to get warmer really – it would be nice to go outside again.

Last year tried to find a new bikini, but my bikini quest didn’t actually result in me getting one. What I did get last year is a garden, so this year I expect a lot more bikini opportunities! Which means I will try again to find a nicer bikini than the plain grey/brown one I am still using.

From my web shopping era I remembered that ASOS used to sell a lot brands focussing on bikinis, so that’s where my fresh new quest headed first. Here’s the result of browsing through ASOS’ collection.


Piha, InsightSeafolly, SeafollyPlayful PromisesFrench Connection

What do you think? I like ’em, but I’m afraid they’re all out of my league. Maybe your league reaches higher? Furthermore, I like girls in bikinis on my blog. It must have a positive effect on the size of our visitor database. Next time I’ll do lingerie. And men – in whatever they are and aren’t wearing.