Make the most of your Easter

by Nina de Haan

This year’s Easter will be celebrated on the 31th of March and the 1st of April. Have you made your plans already? Here’s some more ideas worth considering.

Kick-start the day with an Easter Breakfast! I assume you know how to have breakfast, so I won’t go into detail, except: don’t forget about the eggs! If you like them that is. Plus you can do some extensive Easter themed baking, whether or not for breakfast.

Last year a friend and I ceremoniously shared KinderSurprise chocolate eggs. The idea for this was actually Amber’s. I still like it, except for those eggs being too expensive and the toys being, naturally, childish. You can also surprise each other with a hand painted boiled egg. Or anything else really. Hooray for Easter gift giving!

Getting tired of the eggs? Go haze instead! Organize a chocolate haze fondue. It’s rather sad to see him go down, but oh well, it’s a chocolate haze, were you planning on keeping him? You’ll get over it, by eating lots of his chocolate.

When the weather allows, you can have an Easter Fire in the evening! Or just  a regular campfire, or whatever is possible for you. A campfire is a good way to welcome the better weather and to get your friends excited for more campfires during the warm season and to make a lots of plans for the summer.

This might be cliche and childish and all, but: organize an Easter egg seeking event! You can make it less childish by adding an alcohol aspect or – I don’t know, be creative!

It’s only logical to send each other Christmas cards, no matter how religious you are, but Easter cards are way more unexpected and therefore, in my humble opinion, way nicer! You can make them yourself and make them very spring-ish with chickens and hazes and flowers and everything you and your friends like. Or you could google instead.

I hope you are now full of ideas and enthusiasm for upcoming Easter. The weather looks promising*, so let’s make it great!

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* Well, now I am just making that up, but it can’t be that bad, right? How much longer will this winter take? Jeez.