Important day in Dutch history

by Saskia


Slightly Orange was partly named after our country, the Netherlands, so it would be weird not to blog about this important day in our history. This morning, on the 30th of April 2013, Queen Beatrix officially abdicated in favour of her son, Willem-Alexander. She signed the Act of Abdication at 10:07, making her Princess Beatrix and her son King Willem-Alexander. Around 14:00, he was officially inaugurated.

The 30th of April has been a national holiday since 1949, known as Queen’s Day. This day was the birthday of Queen Juliana, mother of Beatrix. When Princess Beatrix became Queen, it was decided to keep Queen’s Day on the 30th of April, as her own birthday is on the 31st of January and it would be rather cold to celebrate a national holiday and to honour her mother. As the Netherlands has a King now, next year the national holiday will be celebrated on the 27th of April, birthday of Willem-Alexander, and will be called King’s Day.

Long live our new King and Queen!