365 breakfasts a year

by Nina de Haan

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. Also important is the diversity of your food, to make sure that in the end you’ll be collecting all nutrients your body needs. Well, here I am every morning wandering around the house in search of something to eat and keep ending up chewing on an old slice of bread treated with some overly sweet spread, because there’s nothing else I would want to eat. This is no good.

Do you recognize my story?  Then I have something nice for you: there’s more than just bread! Alpro knew this and therefore asked bloggers from all over Europe to photograph their fancy breakfasts in order to inspire the, when it comes to breakfast, uninspired rest of the world. For a year precisely, Alpro has been posting a breakfast every day, which makes a total of 365 breakfasts! That has to be worth eyeing.

I think Alpro used the bloggers to get their visitors to the Alpro website and to make them use Apro products, since every breakfast contains at least one of those Alpro products, but that’s just a completely wild guess. Another possibility is that they were too lazy to compile all these breakfasts themselves but did feel as if it should be done, preferably with their name on it.* But that doesn’t really matter now, right? As long as we can have our inspiration and aren’t obliged to use Alpro, it’s okay with me.

I do have to add that I’m quite upset for they didn’t ask us to join their little project. We are super nice, aren’t we?! I would have loved to go around making pictures of my food, just like a real hipster. I can see that my slices of bread aren’t that interesting, but I would have tried to have nicer breakfasts! Just like the other bloggers did. Chances are that I would have even bought a smartphone and started using Instagram, you know. Well, that all didn’t happen now, did it? Saskia and I should brainstorm about starting our own, much cooler food project. Ha!

So, where are the pictures? You can find them here on the Alpro website. Here’s a one of the pictures I like the most, it’s number 340 and it’s created by the Belgian Applewood House.


* I do think Alpro sells good products, but we have to stay critical, right?