Flat Kelly – A Fun Project

by Saskia

Earlier this year, I was delighted to be part of a really fun project: Flat Kelly. This was a project by Real-Life Kelly, a friend I know only through the internet. When she posted a message on Facebook she was looking for people to help her out with a project, I was more than happy to help her, because this project sounded awesome.

Real-Life Kelly turned 25 this year and made a list of 25 things to do in her 25th year. Since traveling is out of the question (as 25 year old Real-Life Kelly has Real-Life responsibilities now) a group of very lovely people have agreed to send Flat Kelly around the world. The ultimate goal is 25 countries, but 25 states or 25 cities would be just as awesome.

I was super excited! A group of people from our Writing-Cheerleaders Facebook group was more than happy to help out Kelly and signed up. I was up to get her second and couldn’t be more excited.

Flat Kelly arrived at the 22nd of February. She came with a travel diary and four different ‘moods’. I took her everywhere I went and absolutely loved having her over, it was such a sad moment to send her away. It felt like having a friend by your side at all times.





She’s been in all kinds of fun adventures! If you want to see more of her, you can go here. Real-Life Kelly is putting everything together on a lovely blog, so we can all check-in with our favourite Flat-person. She has visited the U.K. before she came to me and I’ve sent her off to Canada. So that’s four countries already, counting the U.S. where she came from!