¡Viva Barcelona!

by Saskia

It’s almost summer again, which means summer holidays, woohoo! Where are you off to this year? Up to the mountains? Or a beach perhaps? If you happen to go to Barcelona, this post is for you. Or if you want to know more about Barcelona, this post is also for you.

Last year on my summer holiday, I spent my days on the streets of Barcelona. Unlike Nina’s post, I was wearing shoes. Which were red Allstars and not greenish Vans, but back to the topic. Barcelona. Every tourist guide gives you the ‘perfect’ places to eat, sleep and go, but it never gives any personal information. I always prefer to look at personal reviews of a city, see what other people did and liked. So if you are just like me: here’s my view of Barcelona.

The one thing everyone warnes you about is, sadly, true. Watch your stuff. We got robbed, but thankfully reacted quick and got everything back, minus 15 euros (they are so damn quick!) plus a good story to tell back home. Those people are so quick and sneaky, please just keep an eye on your stuff at all times. Or make sure you have good reflexes or you excel in kung-fu.

One of the things that impressed me most is Park Guëll. It’s a steep walk upwards, or you can let your drop off by taxi, but it is totally worth it. It’s the park Gaudí designed and it’s most famous for its mosaic benches. (And yes, very touristic)

Another must-see is Casa Battló, also one of Gaudí’s masterpieces. He did not live in this house, but completely designed it. It will leave you in complete awe, or at least it left me like that. I thought it was brilliant, it was so beautiful and playfull and I’m glad we visited.

The Rambla personally disappointed me. It is so much praised by all the books and everyone who’s been there, that I expected loads of it. It’s a nice street, the little tourist shops are okay, but there’s about 20 of them and they’re all the same. I recommend you walk from seaside upwards, because at seaside is where the streetperformers are, and they are GOOD. I also recommend to go there on saturday, because we walked in on a nice little market with all homemade stuff, from jewelry to bags and from postcards to clothes (also on seaside).


Don’t miss Market de la Boqueria, just aside of the Rambla! It’s a great, GREAT foodmarket, really go there if you love strolling around fresh fruits, nuts and juices. Oh, let’s not forget – vegetarians, don’t go too far back! You will not like what you see at the butcher’s market stalls :(


La Sagrada Família, well, we haven’t been inside. The queue was too long at first, we went back the next day. It was even longer. So we just took a bunch of pictures of the outside – which was gorgeous, don’t miss it! – but I cannot tell you anything of the inside. According to the queue, it’s beautiful. According to what I’ve heard, the outside is prettier.


If you like culture and Spain, you must visit Poble Espanyol. It’s an amusement park, shopping centre and a museum all in one. It shows you the different areas of Spain with difference in architecture, crafts and food. I absolutely loved it! The idea of seeing small villages of Spain in such a big city is just amazing. While you’re wandering around Poble Espanyol, you actually feel like you’re far apart from humanity, but you’re still in one of the most touristic cities in Spain. I have to say, we were there as soon as it opened. It might be a little more touristic throughout the day.



And that’s about it from my point of view. Still pretty touristic places, but with a real opinion now. If you’re going to Barcelona any time soon: enjoy! If not: I do hope you get to visit one day, it’s a pretty amazing city!