Hello! You just got to our About page, ’cause you were probably wondering who made this blog. Well, you’ve come to the right spot.

We are Nina and Saskia, two friends who met in high school and unfortunately got separated when we went to higher education. Both of us tried to keep up some blogs, but that didn’t really work out (well, Nina’s blog kind of did, though). What started as a joke – ‘LET’S MAKE A BLOG TOGETHER!’ – turned out to be an actually good idea. We both liked the idea of having a blog again and by doing this together we can motivate each other in proceeding and posting. After a week of name-thinking, we came to Slightly Orange, as it sounds kind of funny and we’re both Dutch. And what do you think of when you think about the Netherlands? Exactly, right after the windmills and wooden shoes you probably think about the color orange, especially if you like to watch football/soccer matches.

What we will be posting depends on what we experience in life. We could be posting about school-life, long distance friendships or maybe just about the Annoying Orange on Youtube. You’ll never know. We expect that both our posts will be very different, but that’s something we’ll have to find out.

We’d like to give you just a little more personal information on ourselves seperately, as we’re two completely different persons, but we’re at the same time so alike.

Hi! My name is Nina and while our blog has already been already alive and breathing for over a year, the picture of my face is still completely missing – not completely by accident. But to give you some sort of image of me I will now sketch you a picture of my personality: I love animals, listening to music and singing, baking and cooking (though, I am still quite unsure about the latter), photography, drawing and painting, writing, making collages and all, but my main activity is hanging out with friends and roommates – and procrastinating all less nice things I have to do. In the mean time I think of a lot of awesome things and that’s where our blog enters the stage! I hope you enjoy my writings on all the nice things that inhabit my mind. :)

Thank you for your interest to read this! My name is Saskia and I’m 20 years old. I’m studying Physiotherapy in the Netherlands, in English. Why in English? Because in my opinion, everything English is cool. I love to visit the U.K., I rather read books in English than in Dutch and let’s face it: everyone loves a Brit. Studying in English doesn’t make my diploma any better, but it would make my life easier knowing all my terms in English if I decide to work abroad after graduation. That being said: it would be so awesome to live in the U.K.
As much as I love big cities, I really appreciate living in a small rural town. I might not be studying Biology, but I really like nature and different cultures. I absolutely love baking, cooking, writing and meeting up with friends. And probably much more I’m forgetting about right now.
Thank you so much for your time reading our blog ♥